Treat yourself to Well-being...

Massage is intuition and listening...
... a return to a more direct and authentic form of communication...
... taking some time out for yourself.

Take the opportunity to reclaim the time that work, stress and commitments take from you:
take a moment for complete dedication to and contact with the real you.

At the reception you can book the following wellness treatments, given in the wellness room on the ground floor of our Hotel Gardenia al Lago.
This service is by appointment only, so we would ask you to let us know in plenty of time if you wish to enjoy any of these treatments. 

Body treatments

Relaxing - Anti Stress
Massage with fluid and precise movements, to release tension and calm the nervous system, so all the muscles can relax. Ideal for disconnecting the mind and body during moments of mental and physical stress.

Invigorating massage with stretching and toning movements that activate circulation, increasing the muscle tone. Ideal for sportsmen, cyclists, or after a long walk that would overload the muscles of the body.

Deep Tissue
Powerful and decontracting with medium strong pressures focused on the softening of tissues and contractures. Ideal for releasing tensions in the deep muscles of the myofascial system.

Massage specifically for the upper body area. Combines relaxing and decontracting hand movements to relieve all the tension accumulated in the back that extends to the cervical and/or lumbar area.

Lymphatic drainage - Circulatory
Specific techniques to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulatory system of the body. It is the most recommended massage for those suffering from poor circulation and fluid retention, as it promotes their reabsorption, relieving the heaviness of the body and the oxygenating all tissues.

Foot reflexology
Method based on the reflex system of the body that can be found on the soles of the feet. It consists of a light massage that softens and relaxes the foot muscles, followed by a continuous round of pressure on points throughout the area, so that the person regains global well-being throughout their body.

Tuina and Acupressure run through the energy channels (Acupuncture Meridians) based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. This oriental technique balances the body’s Yin-Yang energy to keep it strong and healthy. Ideal for those suffering from various symptoms, such as headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, and many others.

Each wellness treatment can last 50 minutes (€ 85.00) or 80 minutes (€ 100.00).