What animates our hotels is a slow philosophy, represented by that sweet taste, at risk of extinction, for savoring the little things, starting with the opportunity to control our own time by stopping the hands of the clock or simply avoiding pushing them faster than they should go.
In these charming places, visitors are guided by the urge to slow down and enjoy the uniqueness of each vacation. A vacation in which the customer is a guest and traveler rather than a tourist.

Our hotels are managed by the same family for three generations, we invite you to enjoy a slow travel experience that allows you to discover the most hidden details and to perceive smells and colors often missed in today’s fast-paced life. Our hotels are perfect for couples looking for a romantic, charming, quiet place directly on the shore of Lake Garda.

Lakefront Boutique Hotels, the luxury of slow living in a romantic setting on the Lake!






The Lakefront Boutique Hotels, with their feet in the waters of Lake Garda, surrounded by the peaks of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano and the Monte Baldo chain, invite you to live an experience outside of the rigid schedules and prepackaged formulas of mass tourism.
The setting in harmony with nature of these historic hotels makes them special. Their rooms, with furniture and pictures of the early 1900s, evoke the link between the past and the present, while outside you can enjoy a romantic landscape.
A magical ancient world opens for guests welcomed into these intimate hotels with period furniture, family photos and amazing views.