Our Hotel is located just 2 km from Bogliaco Golf Club. This prestigious course, established in 1912, lies in a hilly area that is among the finest around Lake Garda. The hotel is also within easy reach of a number of other more recent golfing facilities, which offer technical courses designed by international golf specialists.

This means that our golfing guests can be on the Bogliaco green in minutes, or play a round on one of the more distant courses, making use of the best hours of the day, and still have plenty of time for any historical, cultural or food and wine based excursions.
A number of these courses offer special deals to our hotel guests.

For further information on golf courses and the special offers available, there follows a complete list, including the distance in kilometres and the average time taken to reach them by car. 

Lakefront Boutique Hotels
offers you a discount of
20% Green Fee
in the Golf Club Bogliaco

Golf Club Bogliaco
a 2 km - circa 4 min.

Course: 18 holes, 5300 m, par 67, C.R. 64,5, S.R 121.
Gardagolf Country Club
a 25 km - circa 40 min

Course 18 holes , 6505 m, par 72, C.R. 75 , S.R. 139, 9 holes, 2635 m, par 35
Golf Club Arzaga
a 36 km - circa 50 min

Course: 27 holes, 18 holes PAR 72 Jack Nicklaus, 9 holes PAR 36 Gary Player.
Golf Club Franciacorta
a 65 km ?EUR" circa 1h 10 min

Course: 27 holes, m 5972, 18 holes par 73, C.R. 71.9, Slope 131, 9 holes m 2593, par 27.


Those who love discovering the magnificent Gargnano hinterland and the Alto Garda Bresciano Park have a wide range of choices: in fact, there are hundreds of paths that can be covered on foot or by mountain bike where you can savor the nature of these sites and enjoy the marvelous view of the Lake Garda.

Particularly fascinating and accessible to all is the slope that leads up to the San Valentino Hermitage (1650): a small church on a cliff overlooking the lake that was built as a votive offering by those who survived the plague of 1630.
Our Mediterranean climate makes it possible to hike and pedal all year round!
Ask the Hotel reception desk for suggestions and a map of the paths, then off to adventure!

At the reception you can hire mountain bikes or city bikes.


In the green

Rock Climbing
The Upper Garda area has numerous rock formations that are ideal for climbing. Cliffs and classical routes can be found in the area between .
Horseback riding
Lovers of uncontaminated nature, as reigns supreme in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, can spend pleasant days on horse-back, just a few kilometers from the Hotel.
Reliving the myth of Robin Hood is still possible in the mountains of Gargnano where a group of archery lovers have created a highly active range with animal-shaped targets.
Just a few kilometers from the Hotel you can participate in an unusual sport: paragliding. It is an exillerating experience where you can meld the greenery of the mountains with the blue of the lake!
There are two tennis courts just a few meters from the Hotel where you can spend some of your free time.
The Upper Garda region has a large number of streams and gorges particularly suited to cannoning.

In the blue

Kite surf
This is the going rage: wind surfing with a bit of paragliding thrown in! Why not feel the emotion of this particular technique?
The deep waters of the lake are extremely interesting for diving. Delving into the Garda waters also gives you an opportunity to visit some interesting relics. Just a few kilometers from the Hotel, a Diving Center will introduce you to some of the most suggestive areas on the floor of the Lake.
Besides sailing, the other prime sport in the upper Garda area is windsurfing.
In this area, where the wind accompanies our entire day and even has its own names - the Peler in the morning, the Ora in the afternoon - you can challenge Aeolus, the God of the Winds, gliding along in excitement.