Recovery of our country?EUR(TM)s ancient traditions

Olive oil

the 2015 olive oil season has been characterized by excellent quality and good production.
We have been busy for about three weeks, but it was worth it. Our Oro del Garda is ready to delight your palate!


La limonaia

despite the winter seeming never to arrive and the days on the Garda still being warm, our lemon grove is closed in anticipation of the cold.
The lemons start to turn yellow and it is nearly time to harvest them to turn them into delicious jams and limoncello.


Garage wine

although in France the term "Vins du Garage" designates a category of wines considered rare, precious and cult objects, products from real farms, Italy is spreading this term to define micro-handicrafts made by nonprofit amateurs.
We thus become "garage vintners," recovering a historical vineyard planted in an ancient lemon grove, and with enthusiasm, we harvested the first vintage of Fondo Crocefisso Rosso.
It is still young, but will prove to be a good, light and genuine table wine.


Guided tours

our free guided tours in our lemon grove and the adjacent vineyard, as well as the convivial moment of tasting our products in the shade of the olive trees, were a success. The appointment will be repeated starting the next season.