Rock Climbing
The Upper Garda area has numerous rock formations that are ideal for climbing. Cliffs and classical routes can be found in the area between Toscolano Maderno and Gargnano: Valle delle Cartiere, Marmere, Monte Castello and the San Valentino stretches of smooth rock. If you have time and the desire, you can go to Arco, 30 km away, the European capital for rock climbing.
Horseback Riding
Lovers of uncontaminated nature, as reigns supreme in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, can spend pleasant days on horse-back, just a few kilometers from the Hotel.
Reliving the myth of Robin Hood is still possible in the mountains of Gargnano where a group of archery lovers have created a highly active range with animal-shaped targets. A great opportunity to test your concentration
Just a few kilometers from the Hotel you can participate in an unusual sport: paragliding. It is an exillerating experience where you can meld the greenery of the mountains with the blue of the lake!
There are two tennis courts just a few meters from the Hotel where you can spend some of your free time. The reception desk can book a court for you.
The Upper Garda region has a large number of streams and gorges particularly suited to cannoning. Within a few kilometers of the Hotel you can find ideal sites for this sport. Experienced guides are available and can provide you with the necessary equipment.
Kite surf
This is the going rage: wind surfing with a bit of paragliding thrown in! Why not feel the emotion of this particular technique?
The deep waters of the lake are extremely interesting for diving. Delving into the Garda waters also gives you an opportunity to visit some interesting relics. Just a few kilometers from the Hotel, a Diving Center will introduce you to some of the most suggestive areas on the floor of the Lake.
Besides sailing, the other prime sport in the upper Garda area is windsurfing. In this area, where the wind accompanies our entire day and even has its own names - the Peler in the morning, the Ora in the afternoon - you can challenge Aeolus, the God of the Winds, gliding along in excitement. For those who wish to learn this fascinating sport or improve their technique, an experienced school offers lessons just a stone's throw from the Hotel.
For those who want to train in every season, without depending on the lake's water temperature , you can make individual entries of free swimming in the public pool.

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