Offrez-vous le bien-être...

Le massage est une intuition et une écoute...
c’est le retour à une communication plus immédiate et authentique...
c’est prendre du temps pour soi.

Accordons-nous l'occasion de récupérer le temps que le travail, le stress et les engagements nous prennent : consacrons un moment de dévouement complet et de contact à ce que nous sommes vraiment.

Vous pouvez réserver à la réception les soins bien-être suivants  qui vous seront prodigués dans l'espace bien-être au rez-de-chaussée de notre hôtel Gardenia al Lago.
Ce service étant proposé sur réservation, nous vous prions de nous informer de votre souhait de bénéficier de ces soins suffisamment à l’avance.

Soins bien-être

Shiatsu: Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment, the origins of which date back to Chinese medicine. By exerting gentle pressures with fingers, palm and elbows on energy pathways (known as meridians), body stiffness is dissolved, thus releasing vital energy flows. Benefits are immediate:

  • improvement of vital energy;
  • enhanced easiness in facing everyday life;
  • greater awareness of the body's own abilities.

Foot reflexology: This is an ancient technique, defined as a projection on the foot sole of all parts of the body.
By applying pressure on "reflex" areas of the feet, it is possible to stimulate physiological recovery and to tone up various parts of the body.

Digitalpressure: It is a technique represented by gentle, but deep, finger pressure on specific parts of the body in order to release tensions as well as to remove physical and emotional "armors". Digital pressure is older than acupuncture and is based on the search of a good psychophysical balance and of the enrichment of personal vitality. It promotes a natural way to manage life's emotional and physical stress. 
Digital pressure leads recipients toward a greater awareness of their own emotions, listening to them and enhancing a more harmonious expression thereof.The outcome is a pleasant feeling of relaxation where the recipient becomes capable of transferring the acquired awareness from the head to the rest of the body and from rational faculties to the feelings world, thus releasing muscle tensions.

Symecri: Synchronization of crystallized memories, it is an energetic and vibrational technique based on the touch on energy and physical parts of the body. It helps dissolve emotional and karmic blocks, realizing old memories stored in body cells. It stimulates the geometrical structures which give birth to the crystallized environment, thus arousing recipients' consciousness.
It aligns recipients with their pure and divine essence, addressing them toward their lives' true direction. 
Symecri draws its strength from the wisdom of your soul that knows very well who you are, why you are here and where you are going. Our body needs such truth in order to find its balance, health and its harmony with the universe.

Chaque soins dure 50 minutes et coûte 65,00 €.


Forfait Relax

Le forfait se compose de n. 3 traitements (de votre choix) pour une durée totale de 150 minutes.

Le coût de l'ensemble du forfait est de € 180,00

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